On Earth as it is in Heaven

Not an angle I normally take on my blog; I really hate discussing religion, mostly because I have a fear of being ‘caricatured’ and misunderstood. I also truly believe faith is an inside-out process and something to be displayed first and then discussed… with hot beverages and in person. Blogs or the internetz in general are not fruitful forums.

I can’t stop thinking about the people who have quit their jobs and given their life savings to help preach the messages that May 21st is Judgment Day. More than half of me wants to mock, but you know when you mock a family member than an outsider joins in and you all of a sudden feel defensive or sympathetic?

I kinda feel that way right now because I’ve experienced having to reassess everything I once believed to be true because of bad teaching. Continually. It’s a painful process. It’s like being cut to the root and forced to regrow. Have you? Taking ownership of all the stupid things you thought, or worst of all PROCLAIMED is humiliating but finding out it was UNTRUE is heartbreaking.

Based upon all the science and theology I know READ: knew, had to unknow, then relearn, and keep learning. there will be some people who are completely destroyed tomorrow if, in fact, they are not raptured up. Not Mr. Camping, he can simply PR his way out, blame it on a wrong calculation, come up with a new date, but the people who truly long to be redeemed to heaven, whether they be devout followers or those who long to escape their situations, whatever they may be, will be forced into the same position where they will be cut at the root. Some may give up all together, some may reassess and move along. Either way there is going to be a lot of hurt, anger and confusion (humiliation, heart break etc).

So, what do we do? How do we respond to this multitude of people who believed a lie? Okay, yes my first thought was to mock them to their senses too. Serves them right, they probably deserve a bit of shame, right? but I’ve been giving it a bit more thought and let me tell you, it’s hard to be empathetic let alone SYMPATHETIC to people you initially think are stupid.

I’ve watched a number of advertisements for May 21st and the thought that keeps resonating is “we are not meeting the needs of people”. I mean, it’s one thing to long for heaven and redemption, don’t we all kinda want to be in a place where we are at perfect peace and no suffering? I really do. However there are some (maybe most, maybe all) SO DESPERATE that they would sell everything and follow the first person who tells them it’s all going to be over soon based on….math? (Again, I sympathize. As a professional ‘math failure’ you could list numbers and patterns and I’d nod all throughout as if I wasn’t actually thinking about what I was going to eat for dinner.)

Call it ‘dumb as sheep’ or call it ‘the opiate of the masses’ (or, opiated sheep) I hope When Sunday May 22nd/2011 rolls around they remember where they kept their donation receipt and hopefully we can be a bit understanding of their heartbreak.