Sometimes you have to choose your battles and sometimes you have to choose what fires you up.

Sexy female halloween costumes.

I feel like the subject has been exhausted in that a lot of people (save for those that wear them) find them ridicules.  It’s been written about, complained about and judged by everyone and their mother.  Last night a couple friends were laughing over an inebriated girl who was wearing only a bra and underwear and a butterfly clip in her hair ” I’m a buttterrrrflllyyyyyy” she slurred.

I’ve chosen to ignore how ridicules these types of costumes are (in effort to keep myself from being judgmental) but there are some that I cannot ignore. Particularly, those ‘sexy costumes’ that are of  vocations that women have had to really fight to be included as equal persons

Take for instance ‘sexy cop’ when I see females parading their asses into da’ club I think of my good friend Julie, a very dedicated female who worked really hard to get on the OPP force, pushing herself through physical trainings, achieving high academics and rigorous competitions in order to be hired on.  And then when she DID get hired on, having to establish herself in a male dominated profession as a physical and mental equal, even making her appearance as non-sexy as possible in order to be respected as an authority by both her colleagues and the citizens she serves.

A friend’s mom once shared that she wanted to be a police officer all throughout highschool, until she heard a police chief say at a career event “There will NEVER be a woman on my force” it’s a shame, I think she would have been really excellent in that career. We’ve made leaps and bounds since that time and it frustrates me to see it devalued by a skanky halloween costume.

The same rings true for other vocations: Sexy-pilot, Sexy-military soldier, Sexy- sailor, Sexy- public service officer (?)

Please ladies, I beg you. If you want more trick than treat this halloween, by all means, freeze your tatas off but please please PLEASE leave the sexy-professional costumes alone. For the sake of those who are trying to make it as professional equals.


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One Response to Sexy-Professionals

  1. shannon says:


    the only time my feelings towards those women extends beyond my mirror neurons simply going nuts based on how cold they must feel, is when they’re either parodying a legitimate profession for a woman (or implying it is ‘only’ sexy if it is in a mini-skirt) or being racist (i.e.: the ‘sexy’ native costumes). i’ve never been able to wrap my head around cultural appropriation, least of all for halloween costumes.

    do you not find though, that often when women comment on this, they’re simply written off as being ‘jealous’ or being ‘catty’? i am fortunate enough to hang out with progressive, like-minded individuals now, but even as a teen and early 20-something, i was made to almost feel embarrassed that i saw this sort of phenomenon as sad.

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