Happy B-day, Vicky.

There are some traditions that are very nice; they remind us of our roots.  And there are some we just do because its always been done and we really don’t know why.

Then there are some that fall into that penumbral area of both.

Take for instance: Victoria Day.

Victoria day is the day we celebrate the late queen of England’s birthday with fireworks, door crashing sales and a statuatory day off of work.

Alexandrina Victoria Hanover was the longest reigning monarch in England. And seeing that Canada is still a Commonwealth country I understand that we need to give a nod to symbolically affirm the place Britain has in our country’s history.  We are like the child that actually hangs out with the grandmother that no one else in the family likes.

But, I see the birth of Queen Victoria no more important than other ‘holidays’ that we acknowledge with far less sleep in time and fireworks. These are two holidays that, I believe, should replace Victoria Day as a stat holiday.

1) Ash Wednesday– No one is productive after a day of eating pancakes. I was surprised to learn during a class that fell on ‘Pancake Tuesday’ that very few people know of ‘Pancake Tuesday’ AKA Mardi Gras, Carnivale, Fat Tuesday etc. Since very few people actually LIKE February and very many people LOVE pancakes I fervently tow the Pancake Tuesday line. Eat them for breakfast, eat them at school or work with comrades, then eat them for dinner, go to sleep and don’t wake up until The Price is Right comes on.


2) Halloween: Dear kids, you’ve been duped. Part of the fun of Halloween is creating  something completely out of the ordinary and having your mom to sew/staple/ tape it all together. Imagination and the ability to create is what separates us from the animals (in part, due to our thumbs).  Making halloween a stat holiday would ensure people had the whole day to prepare an awesome costume, decorate, and collect candy. Its no fun dressing up for only a couple hours. Make it a WHOLE DAY celebration.




Lets face it. The Victoria day weekend sucks. The weather is always cold and horrible and your friends either insist on going camping or wait to the last minute to make plans which, more often than not, involve watching fireworks that are cancelled due to inclement weather. It won’t be a HUGE loss.

Keep your eyes on the Pancakes.


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