Canadian Commie-Sutra

Not to be out done by our netherally neighbors, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has saved us a whole bunch of grief/acted opportunistically and will be calling an election for this Thanksgiving season to avoid a stagnant parliamentary session.

Growing up in a politically unimaginative sub-urb the election ballot was always simple to fill out. Conservative, Liberal and NDP. Those were/are your choices. If you so choose to be politically aware you have three political parties with functioning 2.0 websites to help you learn the important details.

Moving to Canada’s largest city, voting became more of a challenge/puzzle. The ballot was flooded with options, as if everyone’s diverse values and backgrounds could not be condensed into the platforms of those three populist parties.  What confused me most was that of the options, there is both a Canadian Communist Party AND a Canadian Marxist-Leninist Party.

I’m sure there’s a “Smucker’s commercial”-esque story explaining  the nasty division between these two parties. But folklore aside, those who find themselves on the left side of the political continuum are put in a compromising situation when picking which party will win their vote.  So, as a service to the Canadian reds I have created a short list, from the information that was available, to help you distinguish the difference between the two parties and hopefully decide which ring you will throw your Che berret in.

Communist Party of Canada:


– To re create Canada as a socialist state.

– Fighting for jobs, democratic rights, Canadian independence, peace, socialism and working class internationalism.

– Aims to scrap NAFTA


– Originally created in 1921 and aligned itself with USSR values

Fun Facts:

– The party had its lowest voter success in the last federal election (2006) winning .02% of the votes.

– The Party was originally made up of Jewish, Finnish and Ukrainian groups.

– The website looks strikingly similar to the Toronto Transit Comission’s site. Very 1998.

Marxist- Leninist Party of Canada


– To uphold the dignity of the working class

– No party funding

– Anti war


– Created in 1963 as a split from the Soviet brand of communism to the sino-maoist brand. Thus the split between the two parties

Fun Facts:

– Becoming a member of this party, you will not be addressed as Mr. or Ms but as Comrade.

– The website looks like an old diner. OR a plate filled with ketchup and mustard. Not that this should matter. I just thought I’d warn you. Its pretty offensive.

So I hope this helps. I personally won’t be extending my vote to either of these parties (along with roughly 99% of Canadian voters) but I would hate for someone to feel as confused and overwhelmed as I was when searching out their options.

But options, who needs them.


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2 Responses to Canadian Commie-Sutra

  1. Nicolas says:

    Whether we want to admit it or not, communism in the West is dead. Quite different form the mid-70s when communists were on the cusp of victory in Italy and Portugal. That isn’t to say that Marxian analysis is, but the propaganda of the Cold War, the failure of the USSR, the transformation of China into a capitalist orgy, and North Korea’s ever “valiant” example has given Marxism a really bad name. Neoliberalism’s greatest success was to erase the very basis of communist antagonism in the West, the class society. Along with the apoliticalization of the economy through neoclassical analysis, “there is no society, only individuals” – Thatcher, logic as predominated since the 1980s. The death of viable communism in the West is symbolic of the death of idealism and community. The communists aren’t helping themselves by splitting into two camps…that’s pathetic.

  2. Collin says:

    Communism is in its death throes. I wish people would just let it die the dignity-less death it deserves.

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