Conspiracies, Cold water tide and Mall Kiosk uniforms

**Disclaimer: Maybe its a phase. I won’t let it interfere with actual academic research, analysis etc. Please don’t judge me. lol**

Sometimes you have to go with your gut. That time I refused to eat Taco Bell with friends at 3 AM and was spared the collective vom session, waiting the extra week for an item to be reduced to further sale- my gut has served me well thus far.

But lately, my gut is going psycho.

I’ve worked too hard all my life to be smart, intuitive, thoughtful or at the very least not seem like a whack job, which is why my new fixation on conspiracy theories has put a stress on the relationship between my gut and my brain*. But I can’t help it.

*although my brain may be in on it too…maybe I mean a war against my reputation, self preservation…better judgement.

Now, I’m not talking about conspiracies like “all the world leaders are lizards from other planets here to dominate the world and eventually absorb all of our oxygen” (an actual theory I heard just last week from a 15 year old -buck o’ five-grocery packer). I mean, theories that make sense, give some clarity (paired with consistency) that explain the foggy areas of global problems and come from (seemingly) legitimate members of society (with minimal drug history).

The Illuminati, Big Brother, and/or higher realms of politics that we don’t see.

I refuse to become the person in lecture that I used to abhor. The person who would riddle off a conspiracy theory instead of doing any real substantive research and analysis. Yes, George Bush and bat boy are in a “lets destroy the world” club. How academic of you; see you at graduation.

But some how I can’t deny that there is some entity/ies that is in the shadows slowly garnering control of how we live our everyday lives and leaving us with less; opiating us and distracting us from real issues by giving us less important ones to care about. Not lizards, not politicians and not lizard politicians. I’m not claiming to know whom. But things like genetically modified foods, small clauses in pieces of legislation which pass unnoticed that impede upon some of our basic rights and freedoms (Canadians- Bill C 61?) and even the globalizing world -international laws (voted on by a few leaders) which seem to supercede national laws (voted on by citizens) and give more power to non-state actors (trans national corporations) instead of PEOPLE.

This makes my gut cringe whenever I give out information over the internet, write my political views on Facebook or even read a newspaper because I want control. I want to control what I put in my body, I want to control what I feel convicted by and what I think needs to be changed in the world and I want to be part of a body of people who controls how they are governed (I will call it…DEMOCRACY!). I don’t think that makes me a whack. I think it makes me a human being not trapped in the template of “You will be politically involved by placing an X on a ballot every 4 years, care about the environment enough to buy Tide detergent, hate terrorism, blame global conflicts and poverty on “uncivilized cultural norms” or a lack of western values. You will not question why you make the wage you do- you just haven’t WORKED hard enough/long enough…and listen to U2″ etc.

Again, I’ve worked to hard to be written off as one of those conspiracy theorists that sit around blaming “unseen entities” on their current situation (Lizard leaders made me fat!) but no academic will argue against the fact that, especially through the last 30 years, money, power and CONTROL have been more concentrated to upper echelons of power.

So what do I do? What CAN I do? are my only options to start buying anarchy “gear” from mall kiosks and start writing for ‘zines? I don’t really believe in that either.

Hopefully, this constant feeling of discomfort which spurs a constant need to figure this world out will be enough.

I give up, Lizard king from planet xanik! you and Elvis win!


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3 Responses to Conspiracies, Cold water tide and Mall Kiosk uniforms

  1. jensorlie says:

    I hear what you’re saying. Sometimes it’s hard not to believe that there’s some sort of higher agenda out there that is putting us in the slow-cooker.

    I blame the Masons.

  2. Nicolas says:

    I don’t think its so secret, first off…how do decision makers get into power? By knowing other decision makers, where they do all learn…in a set of elite schools which teach a rather uniform agenda of how the world is to be interpreted. They may have their secret ceremonies, but the powers that be are right in our face. Look downtown, see all those towers, look at the nooks and crannies of major universities, look at who is talking to talking to who. Power breeds power, bias breed bias, and self-interest is socialized into a class compromise among the top classes. With lower co-ordination problems, due to the smaller amount of elites, they can be more effective than millions of lowly workers. The real conspiracy is when I lose the remote control like I have just now!

  3. Nicolas says:

    Oh and check out my new blog on the War in South Ossetia!

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