“Just another weblog” (a wordpress welcome)

What a humbling way to be welcomed to the world of blogging. But so true, so truly true. I in no way believe that I can offer any more insight into the world of the Lohans or Obamas than the next “manwithpen79” and am  comfortably okay with that.

For me, writing is a way of keeping tabs and gaining feedback on the events and issues that I am trying to contextualize and figure out.

Consuming, imperialism, power, gender, activism, authority, community- its like a fine gold necklace all tangled and knotted up. I’m not trying to point out that its tangled and knotted but actively seeking to  carefully figure it all out (as impossible as that probably is) and hopefully get some feedback.


About Ashley Drake
Don't cha wish your girlfriend could blog like me

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